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Van Halen - A Different Kind of Truth flac mp3

Van Halen - A Different Kind of Truth flac mp3
Van Halen
A Different Kind of Truth
Album Rock,Arena Rock,Hard Rock,Heavy Metal,Pop-Metal,Contemporary Pop/Rock
Date of release:
February 7, 2012
Recording location:
Henson Studio
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1981 mb
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4.1 ★

A Different Kind of Truth is the 12th studio album by American hard rock band Van Halen. Released on February 7, 2012, by Interscope Records, the record is Van Halen's first full-length album of studio material with former lead singer David Lee Roth since 1984. Likewise, it is Van Halen's first studio album since 1998's Van Halen III. It is the first to feature Eddie Van Halen's son Wolfgang on bass guitar, replacing Michael Anthony, who had played bass on all of Van Halen's previous albums.

A Different Kind of Truth is an incredible album by any measure. And whether it’s true or not, ADKOT seems like the ultimate thank you to the world’s most dedicated Van Halen fans. Eddie Van Halen was a riff-making machine during the late 1970’s, single handedly changing the way subsequent generations would approach the instrument. And while plenty of that music ended up on the first six albums, the band’s release schedule couldn’t keep pace with EVH’s creative output.

Van Halen - A Different Kind Of Truth (2012).

A Different Kind of Truth is the first Van Halen album since the Nineties dregs of Balance and Van Halen III, which were just humiliating Styx rips. But Eddie has rediscovered his guitar and unplugged the synths, as if Roth’s presence reminded Eddie who his band is named after. Since there’s never been a single Van Halen fan in history who secretly wished Eddie would put down the guitar and play more keyboards, this is a coup. Especially because Eddie’s solos have the fluency of his early Eighties playing – just listen to him stretch out on Big River and Blood and Fire

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That's a long time, but the roots of A Different Kind of Truth stretch back even further, with several songs originating from demo tapes Van Halen made before their debut, and the rest consciously written in that style. No synths are to be found anywhere on the record, they've been swept aside along with Michael Anthony's bedrock eighth-note thump and Sammy Hagar's radio-ready pop polish, stripping Van Halen down to their core: a duel for attention between David Lee Roth and Eddie Van Halen.

A Different Kind Of Truth. Metal Rock Hard rock Melodic metal Classic rock.

Album Name A Different Kind of Truth. Data wpisu 07 Luty 2012. Wydawcy Interscope Records. Wyprodukowany przez Ross Hogarth. Styl muzycznyHard Rock. Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album148.

Track List

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 Tattoo Van Halen 4:44
2 She's the Woman Van Halen 2:57
3 You and Your Blues Van Halen 3:43
4 China Town Van Halen 3:15
5 Blood and Fire Van Halen 4:26
6 Bullethead Van Halen 2:31
7 As Is Van Halen 4:47
8 Honeybabysweetiedoll Van Halen 3:47
9 The Trouble with Never Van Halen 3:59
10 Outta Space Van Halen 2:54
11 Stay Frosty Van Halen 4:08
12 Big River Van Halen 3:51
13 Beats Workin' Van Halen 5:03


Dan Chase - Digital Editing
Martin Cooke - Engineer
Paul David Hagar - Second Engineer
George Hernandez - Sleeve Design
Ross Hogarth - Mixing
John Shanks - Producer
Peter Stanislaus - Second Engineer
Van Halen - Mixing, Primary Artist, Producer
  • Celace
Ok, I've given this album four years to sink in. I still only remember a few songs once the record stops playing - "Tattoo", "She's the Woman", "You and Your Blues" and "Stay Frosty" - which are good, solid songs, although I'd rather listen to "Ice Cream Man" than "Stay Frosty". I'm not saying it's a bad record - if anything, it's Van Halen's best album since OU812 - but it doesn't really add anything to the Van Halen legacy for me. It's nice to finally hear a more than decent album from them again, but it's hardly going to change somebody's life - which of course isn't the point of it, but you get the idea.
  • from earth
This album expresses Van Halen's sheer unbridled rockin' side. This is Van Halen not worrying about producing a "hit" or catering to catchiness and just rocking out hard purely for rock's sake. And that indulgence can be a little demanding for the listener. It can also be rewarding depending on one's mood. This is not Van Halen revisiting their formative years.This is Van Halen just enjoying where they are at now with nothing left to prove yet proving that they STILL have a fiery passion, mad skills, and all the chops even after 34 years IN the Business!The only thing that would have made the VH reunion perfect would have been if they stripped it way down to live with as few overdubs as possible as they did in 1978 and riffed a bit more, kept the songs tighter and shorter. It's hard to beat well-written songs that are played well and kept catchy as hell!This is a promising flexing of the musical muscle. Perhaps next record they'll tighten it up, strip it down, and deliver a sharp, concise album of ten sing-a-long songs of the quality of "Runnin' with the Devil," "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love," and "Jamie's Cryin.'"
  • blodrayne
I am a longtime Van Halen fan and this album is amazing. I was shocked a few years back when i got the album and did not known what to expect with Eddie Dave and Alex in there 60's. .Eddie sounds great better than ever and Dave sounds pretty good . the rest of the band sounds good as well.some of these songs should be future classics live .Bullethead Blood On Fire She's A Women Tattoo You And Your Blues Chinatown all good new songs.Blood On Fire should be a single .it does not sound like prime 1984 Van Halen but they still have it and are way better than a lot of rock and roll today so i will take it!
  • Lanadrta
Rating: AEasily the best album since 1984 from the band, and I'm not saying that because Diamond Dave returned to the fold, but this album has balls. The band sounds amazing here, without a doubt, but what people are forgetting is that Van Halen "cheated", and they did it damned well enough to convince me to give it a 10/10. The material here is brought from early demos, but thank God that's what they did because now Van Halen has some new classics here, such as "Tatoo" (the only instance of synths on the album; yay!) and "Stay Frosty" (the latter of which being the highlight of the album). Overall, I highly recommend you give this album a listen, it's worth your money.
  • Irostamore
I am not a big fan of the production on this album. If they had manage to find a sound like the earliest records this would been a really nice suprirse. Now it is still a quite nice surprise for those who thought they never hear another Van Halen record with or even without David Lee Roth but there are two other issues for me.The biggest being David Lee Roths voice. When I listen to this he can still do some things with his voice rather well. Like the faster parts and "cool" slower parts but when it comes to the classical singing it doesn't hold up. I would definitely had prefered lesser lyrics/singing and just a solid instrumental part instead here and there. David Lee Roth was never a singer like Robert Plant, Freddie Mercury or Chris Cornell but it worked very well back in the days.. Now it partly works. We all age, not everyone can keep their voice 100% and that's okay. But on a studioalbum they should be more honest and make the best for the music.The second is that the album is partly reworked older "unknown" material and the mix between using the old, putting in new and sometimes try to sound current can become quite off. There are plenty nice moments on this record. Some that sounds very fresh and others that make you dream about the 1980's but as complete songs many songs here doesn't really reach the classic material. They often stay on a middle level. These are definitely not throwaway songs but not contenders to a top 10 Van Halen list of all time, either. As I write this five years has already gone by and I can't say I listen to this record a lot but when I do.. I enjoy it. While it is not a must have for fans of the band I believe it is a "should have". I don't regret buying it and I don't know when.. But I will return to it again.
  • Loni
It's a stylish return to form for Van Halen. Pretty much a fun and good hearted album full of catchy songs and great performances. Not quite like the old Roth days, but they're a lot older and sound settled in. Better than most of their 90's stuff anyway, no disrespect to Sammy!
  • Ces
Um bom retorno, nada tão fantastico, mas tb n é frustrante, com otimas musicas como Blood and fire, You and your blues, She's the woman, um bom registro numa banda com relacionamentos tão conturbados.
  • Eng.Men
If you hate VAN Hagar. Listen to this album with David Lee Roth back in the saddle again. It's got guts again!
  • Aver
Technically proficient and sounding like 1977 again. That's the problem. It isn't 1977 anymore, especially in the heavy metal scene. This album is nothing but a replay of their first album and that equals in the end, the greatest sin of metal - it's a bore. Dave sounds the same. Eddie sounds the same. Wolfgang might as well be Michael's clone. Yawn. Sometimes it's better to stay retired. Two stars for the technical qualities of the playing and production, one 1/2 for the content.