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Pacific Daydream
Punk-Pop,Alternative/Indie Rock,Contemporary Pop/Rock,Power Pop
Date of release:
October 27, 2017
Recording location:
Ruby Red Productions, Santa Monica, CA
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4.5 ★

Pacific Daydream is the eleventh studio album by American rock band Weezer, released on October 27, 2017. The album is their second release by Crush Management, is distributed by Atlantic Records, and is the most significant departure from their trademark sound to date. The lead single, "Feels Like Summer", was released on March 16, 2017. The second single, "Happy Hour", was released on October 31.

Pacific Daydream is the band’s first offering to fall far short for both camps-not because it’s one of the most extreme examples of Cuomo going for a radio-friendly sound (though it is that), but because he betrays the band’s mission in the process. This is all the more disappointing when you consider that even when Cuomo churns out dance-pop fluff such as Feels Like Summer, it’s still abundantly clear that he hasn’t lost his gift for coming up with earworm hooks. In fact, the album is almost completely devoid of the chunking guitar riffs that sit at the core of Weezer’s soul. And on QB Blitz, they even manage to take the power out of power ballad.

Pacific Daydream was released October 27, 2017. It is Weezer’s eleventh studio album. They originally set out to make another self-titled darker album known as the Black Album. However, Cuomo said that he started writing songs that did not fit the darker sound, so he started work on a project called Pacific Daydream. Pacific Daydream Q&A

Andrew Trendell Oct 26, 2017 2:31 pm BST. Score. Lock the doors, crack open a cold one. It’s 23 years since Weezer gave geeks a voice with awkward anthems ‘Buddy Holly’, ‘The Sweater Song’ and ‘Say It Ain’t So’. With that in mind, they could easily have passed by the current generation of pop-punk fans

With last year’s Weezer (White Album), they found themselves on the right side of the critics and were initially supposed to follow it up with the aptly titled Black Album. Instead, they’ve reappeared with an album influenced by the idea of a beach at the end of the world. Pacific Daydream, feels just like that; a day dream that, for some reason, doesn’t quite sit right.

Track List

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 Mexican Fender Rivers Cuomo / Toby Gad Weezer 3:09
2 Beach Boys Rivers Cuomo Weezer 3:51
3 Feels Like Summer Jonny Coffer / Rivers Cuomo / David Dahlquist / Dan Goldberger / Patrick Morrissey / J.R. Rotem Weezer 3:15
4 Happy Hour Sean Bowe / Rivers Cuomo / Chris Sernel Weezer 2:57
5 Weekend Woman Rivers Cuomo Weezer 4:05
6 QB Blitz Rivers Cuomo Weezer 3:17
7 Sweet Mary Josh Alexander / Rivers Cuomo Weezer 3:42
8 Get Right Josh Alexander / Jonny Coffer / Rivers Cuomo / Johnny McDaid Weezer 3:12
9 La Mancha Screwjob Josh Alexander / Rivers Cuomo Weezer 3:27
10 Any Friend of Diane's Rivers Cuomo Weezer 3:34


Dustin Addis - Management
Josh Alexander - Composer, Piano
Brian Bell - Group Member
Sean Bowe - Composer
Daniel Brummel - Clarinet, Guitar (Acoustic), Horn Arrangements, Percussion, Piano, Slide Guitar
Jonny Coffer - Composer, Producer
Rivers Cuomo - Composer, Group Member
David Dahlquist - Composer
Jonathan Daniel - Management
Toby Gad - Composer
Dan Goldberger - Composer
Sarah C. Kim - Assistant
Tony Maserati - Mixing
Johnny McDaid - Composer
Bob McLynn - Management
Patrick Morrissey - Composer
J.R. Rotem - Composer, Producer
Chris Sernel - Composer
Suzy Shinn - Engineer
Scott Shriner - Group Member
Todd Stopera - Engineer
Eric Valentine - Mastering, Mixing
Butch Walker - Engineer, Guitar, Percussion, Producer, Synthesizer, Vocals (Background)
Weezer - Primary Artist
Patrick Wilson - Group Member
  • Leceri
It's always interesting to read opinions from fans when a band has considerable recording history, and has released new music. No, its not 1994, this is not the blue album, nor should it be. Bands evolve, "age", have different perspectives. I've almost always been disappointed when comparing new music with my "favorite" from a bands catalog.Better to view each outing as "this is where we are now", than ask them to recreate a sound from years ago.Having said all that, I enjoy "Pacific Daydream" very much."Sweet Mary" is 3:43 of pure pop magic.Solid songs throughout, well done.
Weezer is a band that debuted when I was well into adulthood, so the nostalgia factor isn't as high for me as it is with other Pop-Rock band favorites of mine like Cheap Trick, The Cars or similar bands that I latched onto in my teens. This may be why I've been more willing to accept the differences from album to album in Weezer discography, which I own in its entirety.It seems that Weezer has made an attempt here to keep up with the latest trends in popular music. Personally, I find the state of this trend to be a very sorry one so my disappointment that Weezer is trying to fit in should make me turn up my nose at "Pacific Daydream". Thing is, I don't mind it. It's got some tunes that I can't shake like the bouncy, breezy "Happy Hour" and the fuzzy, power-chorded riffing of "Mexican Fender". And I don't know how I'm not appalled by the wanna-be-Fall-Out-Boy falsetto and dated beats of "Feels Like Summer", but I'm not.This skips along merrily until it hits "Get Right", which is eight songs in so I guess I can't whine much about this not being my (Blue Album) Weezer.Favorite Songs: "Happy Hour", "Mexican Fender", "QB Blitz"
  • from earth
While not as good as The White Album, Pacific Daydream is still a great Weezer album and isn't as bad as what a lot of people have been saying.
  • Velan
The 11th album from this California band starts with some classic rock chords melting into sublime indie pop, then cranks up the power again with a big stadium rock finish. There’s some quirky, catchy, hum-along power pop songs with hard, jangly guitars and impressive vocal harmonies. And there’s lots of heavily produced, disco-y AM radio pop with a thread of lyrical humor tucked in among the numbingly comfortable retro-hooks. Overall, “Pacific Daydream” sounds something like a mix of The Orwells, The Bee Gees, Foxygen, The Beach Boys and Jigsaw. It’s almost catchy enough to work, but even if it’s a sort of self-parody, I don’t think I need to hear it again.
  • Rindyt
The first five songs are in my book some of Weezer's best songs. So imagine my surprise when I come here to read reviews giving this album 0,5 stars...seriously? Weezer has always been about catchy rock/pop songs, which is exactly what this album delivers - what's the problem? It's not 1994 anymore, is it? Weekend woman is catchy from the start and the chorus is among their best - simple, yet effective. Beach Boys and Happy Hour are excellent, harmless feel-good songs with good melodies and production. Feels Like Summer is another feel-good song with modern drum sounds and effects. The modern sounds fit the song. It's no vintage Weezer, but then again, why should it sound like the 90's? It's been listened to 17 million times on Spotify, so I'm sure the Weezer guys can afford to lose some "fans" who want to listen to a Blue Album 2.0.I haven't listened enough to the last five songs to have formed an opinion on them - they might be mostly filler - but the first five songs alone put this album among Weezer's better efforts. I've been a fan of Weezer for a long time and I'm not disappointed.
  • Nirn
The power pop princes’ prowess is back. For Weezer fans this is another excellent album that features Rivers Cuomo’s predilection for pop. While Weezer has always shown an affinity for pop (yes, even on the Blue album), this is the most pop friendly album in their catalog. So either this album will turn you off because it isn’t rock enough, or you simply enjoy the album for what it is, an exercise in ear candy. The only disappointment in the album is the lead single, Feels Like Summer. It feels like Weezer was trying too hard for a single. Hey, let’s talk about summer and we’ll add effects. The track is forced, which is a shame as the other tracks feel more like Weezer just being Weezer. Songs like Sweet Mary, Mexican Fender, and Happy Hour are some of the finest songs in the Weezer catalogue. Then there’s Weekend Woman, which deserves to be mentioned with Undone, Islands in the Sun, or Dope Nose. Yes, this track is that weezerlicious. So while some ‘fans’ will never appreciate Weezer for what they aren’t, I suggest you enjoy them for what they are because any friend of Weezer’s is a friend of mine. Hidden track: Get Right
  • ᴜɴɪᴄᴏʀɴ
Mexican Fender's cliche hook opens up Pacific Daydream, Weezer's latest album from 2017. Immediately the album opens up with a pop song, which is expected since Rivers Cuomo absolutely loves Pop Music and always strived to create excellent songs. Beach Boys is not as lame as some of the other stuff seen on Raditude. It actually reminds me of the album cover itself, with the girl on the swing in space. Feels Like Summer sounds like a White Album song that got a makeover from some of pop's greatest producers. Another single, Happy Hour has more references to stars like Stevie Ray Vaughn and shows such as Monty Python, but the chorus is mundane. Weekend Woman fares much better though. The rest of the songs, ranging from Sweet Mary to the closing Any Friend of Diane's range from alright to mediorce. I still think Maladroit is their weakest album, but this is probably their second weakest. There are really good songs, but hopefully for the ambitious Black Album, where they will take a more modern electronic approach to dark and woeful songs, it will be a masterpiece.7.6/10
  • Thorgahuginn
Lots of people really dislike PD. Many Weezer fans don't like the change in style, and one critic said that "Feel Like Summer" is one of the worst songs of 2017. Thing is, I am not a huge Weezer fan. PD is the first album of their's that I really listened to, and I honestly don't hate it. The offbeat lyrics and unimpressive vocals are appealing and work alright with the often upbeat music. "Beach Boys" and "Happy Hour" are really enjoyable and crazy catchy. "Weekend Woman" has a really nice, enjoyable chorus. "QB Blitz" fails a bit in the music department, but the lyrics are fairly interesting. "Sweet Mary" honestly has some real heart in the lyrics and music, and I like it as a result. "Get Right" has weird production; you can barely even hear what it's saying unit it hits the chorus. The chorus gets old fast, and the same can be said of the song. "Screwjob" starts off with some cool music, but the rest of the song is pretty dull. It is the worst song on the album lyrically, just behind "Feels Like Summer." Speaking of "Summer", I really don't hate that song. The music and production are pretty smooth and pretty epic. Still, the lyrics are not much. The final song is insanely repetitive and annoyingly catchy. The repetitive makes it easy to hate. In the end, PD didn't give me anything amazing, but does have a few enjoyable songs. My favorites are "Beach Boys" and "Happy Hour." The weaker songs on this album are the reason for the low score.
  • Buriwield
Too short, but overall the best Weezer album in a while.
  • Dark_Sun
I drop into this because I was struck by the cover art, but stayed to read some reactions. The contrast between Thomas Erlewine's review and the fan's here is interesting. He approves (with caveats) they hate it. They don't disagree on the facts, just the resultant value. So I'm back into my seven title Weezer collection to figure it out, which is working out nicely for me. A relisten, with suggestions. I throw it 50% stars as a compromise, not because I own it.