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Various Artists - Musical Sound Effects flac mp3

Various Artists - Musical Sound Effects flac mp3
Various Artists
Musical Sound Effects
Sound Effects
Date of release:
February 12, 1996
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Free sound effects that are produced by musical instruments. Free Musical Instrument Sound Effects. Genres: Sound Effects, Musical Instruments and Sounds. Description: Bugle first call. Description: Drumroll, drum roll, drums, drum,. Description: Reveille Bugle Call.

Free high quality sound effects. Sound Effects Musical Effects. Stereo Wav Mp3. Musical Effects. Record Scratch 01. 0:01.

15 Various Effects (Single & Dual) Lasting Approximately 2 Seconds Each. A23. Gun Battle (Six Shots). B19, B22 to B29, B32 to B39 (P) 1968: B2 to B7 (P) 1964: B40 to B46 Original sound recordings made by EMI Records Ltd. This compilation (P) 1981 by EMI Records Ltd. Timings approximate.

Information on Various Artists.

It’s remarkable how artists from such vastly different musical backgrounds (the liner notes offer short histories for each, along with contextual explanations for each track) made music that fits into this sound world. Haruomi Hosono is a wide-ranging singer-songwriter with a clutch of eclectic albums who also made punky, danceable electro-pop with Yellow Magic Orchestra, and his track Original BGM, which closes the set, is 15 minutes of slow-crawling bliss, filled with long silences and simple, gradually unfolding melodies. Perhaps contrary to intuition, the highly designed nature of this music also makes it feel very human, and also increases its versatility as far as background listening for other tasks. This ambient music is not psychedelic. It never evokes outer space or the cosmos or, for that matter, the natural world, even when it uses the sound of water.

For sound effects in literary works and comics, see Onomatopoeia. Various acoustic devices in a Greek radio studio. Deep, pulsating digital sound effect. Voice saying "Ja", followed by the same recording with a massive digital reverb. Hard sound effects are common sounds that appear on screen, such as door alarms, weapons firing, and cars driving by. Background (or BG) sound effects are sounds that do not explicitly synchronize with the picture, but indicate setting to the audience, such as forest sounds, the buzzing of fluorescent lights, and car interiors. These background noises are also called ambience or atmos ("atmosphere").

A soundtrack album is any album that incorporates music directly recorded from the soundtrack of a particular feature film or television show. The first such album to be commercially released was Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the soundtrack to the film of the same name, in 1938. The first soundtrack album of a film's orchestral score. was that for Alexander Korda's 1942 film Jungle Book, composed by Miklós Rózsa Contents. These soundtracks contain music not at all heard in the film/television series, and any artistic or lyrical connection is purely coincidental. These are albums made with the original stage cast of a Broadway musical, and are recorded by the cast either in live performance or in a studio, not transferred from a movie soundtrack.

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Track List

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 Opens and Ends: Open With Cymbal Crash 0:10
2 Opens and Ends: Open-Building Chords 0:13
3 Opens and Ends: Open Same-Drums Only 0:13
4 Opens and Ends: Open Same-Bass & Piano Only 0:12
5 Opens and Ends: Drum Roll and Fade 0:15
6 Opens and Ends: Big Show Opening 0:07
7 Opens and Ends: Easy Ending With Bass, Piano, Drum 0:09
8 Opens and Ends: Same With Horns 0:09
9 Opens and Ends: Up Tempo Ending 0:09
10 Opens and Ends: Open-Scary and Weird 0:18
11 Opens and Ends: End-Scary or Weird 0:19
12 Strings: Bass and Drums 0:07
13 Strings: Up Tempo 0:05
14 Textures: Ominous 0:29
15 Textures: Cue 14-Bass & Horns Only 0:27
16 Textures: City Syncopated With Bass & Horns Only 0:25
17 Textures: City Syncopated With Bass & Horns Only 0:25
18 Textures: City Chase 0:25
19 Textures: Action Pattern-Drums Only 0:27
20 Textures: Action Pattern-Drums and Base 0:27
21 Textures: Movement 0:25
22 Textures: Movement With Horns 0:25
23 Textures: City Life-Version 1 0:37
24 Textures: City Life-Version 2 0:25
25 Textures: City Life-Version 3 0:26
26 Solo Horns: Wah-Wah Horns 0:26
27 Solo Horns: Wah-Wah Horns (Underwater) 0:26
28 Solo Horns: Start of Horse Race 0:16
29 Solo Horns: Horn w/Mute 0:20
30 Solo Horns: Fanfare 0:10
31 Tempos: Samba 0:21
32 Tempos: Disco 0:46
33 Tempos: Disco-Drums Only 0:46
34 Tempos: Waltz 0:57
35 Tempos: Syncopation 0:32
36 Tempos: Tango 0:38
37 Tempos: Tango With Horns 1:10
38 Tempos: Hora 1:10
39 Tempos: Rhumba 0:56
40 Tempos: March 0:49
41 Tempos: Polka 0:30
42 Moods: Cocktail Bar 0:44
43 Moods: Cocktail Bar-Drums & Bass Only 0:44
44 Moods: Swing 0:29
45 Moods: Dread 1:05
46 Moods: Bright Activity 0:26
47 Moods: Oriental 1:08
48 Moods: Oriental No. 2 0:39
49 Moods: Lullaby 0:25
50 Moods: Lullaby-Electric Piano Only 0:25
51 Moods: Silent Movie Pursuit 0:53
52 Moods: Jazz Moods-Rag/Boogie/Boogie Bass & Drums/Swing, Bebop/Prog ...
53 Moods: Military 0:33
54 Bass & Drums: Walking 0:55
55 Bass & Drums: Up Tempo 0:50
56 Bass & Drums: Slow 1:09
57 Electric Piano: Runs up the Scale (Twice) 0:13
58 Electric Piano: Runs up the Scale (Slower) 0:13
59 Bridges: Trumpet & Sax (Alto) Blues Riff 0:20
60 Bridges: Jazz Bridge No. 1 0:17
61 Bridges: Cue 19 With Drums and Bass Only 0:16
62 Bridges: Jazz Bridge No. 2 0:30
63 Bridges: Cue 21 With Drums and Bass Only 0:16
64 Bridges: Horns-Sultry Trumpet Mute/Sax 0:39
65 Bridges: Cue 23-Full Group 0:39