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Michael Jackson - Dangerous flac mp3
Michael Jackson
Dance-Pop,New Jack Swing,Pop,Contemporary R&B
Recording date:
July 25, 1990 - October 29, 1991
Date of release:
November 19, 1991
Recording location:
Larrabee Sound Studios, Los Angeles, CA
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1532 mb
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1794 mb
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Dangerous (Michael Jackson album). Dangerous is the eighth studio album by American recording artist Michael Jackson, released on November 26, 1991 by Epic Records. In January 1989, following the successful but gruelling world tour to support his album, Bad (1987), Jackson decided to focus on outside projects, including a deal to promote . He also planned to release two greatest hits packages, Decade 1979–1989 and Decade 1980–1990, comprising hits from his studio albums Off the Wall, Thriller, and Bad, plus unreleased demos and new songs, including a cover of the Beatles song "Strawberry Fields Forever".

Dangerous is Michael Jackson’s eighth studio album, released in 1991, and the first since Forever, Michael not to be produced by Quincy Jones. Instead, Jones had recommended New Jack Swing creator Teddy Riley to produce the album for Michael, alongside Bruce Sweiden and Bill Bottrell. Yes! On January 21, 1992, Dangerous officially went RIAA Platinum. Most recently, the album went RIAA 7x Platinum on May 30, 2000, being certified for over 7,000,000 album units. The album also went Diamond in France and Italy, 10 Platinum in Australia, 7x Platinum in Malaysia, 6 Platinum in Canada, New Zealand, Spain and the UK, 5 Platinum in Chile and Switzerland, 4 Platinum in Austria and Germany, 3 Platinum in the Netherlands and Sweden, 2 Platinum in Mexico and Japan and Platinum in Finland.

Dangerous (Michael Jackson song). Dangerous" is a pop song by American recording artist Michael Jackson. The song appeared as the fourteenth and final track on Jackson's solo studio album of the same name, released in November 1991. Written and composed by Jackson, Bill Bottrell and Teddy Riley, the song was planned as the tenth single from the album, set for a January 1994 release.

At the time of Dangerous, Michael Jackson's universal popularity was on par with pizza and the polio vaccine. It was the last time that Michael Jackson was Michael Jackson. So when he released the first single from Dangerous, his first album in four years, fanatical interest led MTV, VH1, BET, and Fox to televise it at the same time-offering the greatest strategic victory since the Berlin Wall tumbled two years prior. And even though Jackson technically didn’t cause the collapse of East German Communism, his star wattage was so supreme that the Stasi secret police spied on him during his 1988 Berlin concert, fearing that obsessive MJ fans would accomplish what Reagan couldn’t.

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Track List

Title/Composer Performer Time
1 Jam Michael Jackson / René Moore / Teddy Riley / Bruce Swedien Michael Jackson 5:38
2 Why You Wanna Trip on Me Bernard Belle / Teddy Riley Michael Jackson 5:24
3 In the Closet Michael Jackson / Teddy Riley Michael Jackson 6:31
4 She Drives Me Wild Aqil Davidson / Michael Jackson / Teddy Riley Michael Jackson 3:41
5 Remember the Time Bernard Belle / Michael Jackson / Teddy Riley Michael Jackson 4:00
6 Can't Let Her Get Away Michael Jackson / Teddy Riley Michael Jackson 4:58
7 Heal the World Michael Jackson / Marty Paich Michael Jackson 6:24
8 Black or White Bill Bottrell / Michael Jackson Michael Jackson 4:16
9 Who Is It Michael Jackson Michael Jackson 6:34
10 Give in to Me Bill Bottrell / Michael Jackson Michael Jackson 5:29
11 Will You Be There Michael Jackson Michael Jackson 7:40
12 Keep the Faith Glen Ballard / Siedah Garrett / Michael Jackson Michael Jackson 5:57
13 Gone Too Soon Larry Grossman / Buz Kohan / Marty Paich Michael Jackson 3:22
14 Dangerous Bill Bottrell / Michael Jackson / Teddy Riley Michael Jackson 6:59


Elaine Anderson - Assistant Engineer
John Bahler - Arranger, Choir Arrangement, Vocal Arrangement, Vocals
Glen Ballard - Arranger, Composer
John Barnes - Bass, Keyboards
Bernard Belle - Composer
Big Bush - Clothing/Wardrobe
Michael Boddicker - Keyboard Programming, Keyboards, Programming, Sequencers, Sequencing, Synthesizer
Dan Bosworth - Assistant Engineer
Bill Bottrell - Bass, Composer, Drums, Engineer, Guitar, Lyricist, Mellotron, Mixing, Percussion, Producer, Synthesizer
William Bottrell - Bass, Drums, Engineer, Guitar, Mellophonium, Percussion, Producer, Synthesizer
Craig Brock - Assistant, Assistant Engineer
Brad Buxer - Arranger, Bass, Drums, Keyboard Arrangements, Keyboard Programming, Keyboards, Percussion, Programming, Synthesizer, Vocals
John Chamberlin - Assistant Engineer
Wayne Cobham - Programming, Sequencing
Larry Corbett - Cello, Soloist
Richard Cottrell - Engineer
Andraé Crouch - Arranger, Choir Arrangement, Vocals
Sandra Crouch - Arranger, Choir Arrangement
Paulinho Da Costa - Percussion
Aqil Davidson - Composer, Lyricist
George Del Barrio - Arranger, String Arrangements
Nancy Donald - Art Direction
Ashley Farrell - Voices
Karen Faye - Make-Up
Matt Forger - Engineer, Mixing, Sound Design
Siedah Garrett - Composer, Vocals (Background)
Kevin Gilbert - Engineer, Programming, Sequencing
Endre Granat - Concert Master, Conductor
Larry Grossman - Composer
Bernie Grundman - Mastering
Linda Harmon - Soprano (Vocal), Vocals
Heavy D - Rap, Vocals
Jerry Hey - Arranger
Jean-Marie Horvat - Engineer, Mixing
Michael Jackson - Arranger, Composer, Direction, Director, Duet, Engineer, Executive Producer, Liner Notes, Lyricist, Mixing, Primary Artist, Producer, Rhythm Arrangements, Soloist, Soprano (Vocal), Vocal Arrangement, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Paul Jackson, Jr. - Guitar
Terry Jackson - Bass, Guitar (Bass)
Louis Johnson - Bass, Guitar (Bass)
Buz Kohan - Composer, Lyricist
Abraham Laboriel, Sr. - Bass
Christa Larson - Soloist, Vocals
Julie Last - Assistant Engineer
Rhett Lawrence - Arranger, Drums, Percussion, Programming, Synthesizer, Synthesizer Programming
Bryan Loren - Drums, Moog Bass, Moog Synthesizer, Percussion
L.T.B. - Rap, Vocals
Johnny Mandel - Arranger, Conductor, Orchestration
Jasun Martz - Keyboards
Andres McKenzie - Performer, Voices
Jim Mitchell - Engineer
René Moore - Arranger, Composer, Keyboards
Mystery Girl - Vocals
David Paich - Arranger, Keyboard Arrangements, Keyboard Programming, Keyboards, Programming, Rhythm Arrangements, Synthesizer
Marty Paich - Arranger, Composer, Conductor, Orchestration, Vocals
Greg Phillinganes - Keyboards, Rhythm Arrangements
Tim Pierce - Guitar
Jeff Porcaro - Drums
Steve Porcaro - Keyboard Programming, Keyboards, Programming, Synthesizer
Teddy Riley - Arranger, Composer, Drums, Engineer, Guitar, Keyboards, Mixing, Producer, Rhythm Arrangements, Synthesizer, Synthesizer Arrangements, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Rail Jon Rogut - Assistant Engineer
Thom Russo - Assistant Engineer, Engineer
Mark Ryden - Art Direction, Illustrations
Shanice - Vocals (Background)
Robert Shaw - Director
Slash - Guest Artist, Guitar
Barton Stevens - Assistant Engineer
Brad Sundberg - Assistant Engineer
Bruce Swedien - Arranger, Composer, Drums, Engineer, Keyboards, Mixing, Percussion, Producer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)
George Szell - Conductor
Dave Way - Engineer, Mixing
David Williams - Guitar
David E. Williams - Guitar
Shanice Wilson - Vocals (Background)
Jai Winding - Bass, Keyboards, Piano, Programming
Kai Winding - Keyboard Programming
  • Ranterl
Dangerous doesn't have the star power of Michael Jackson's previous records, but the change in sound is interesting despite being inconsistent throughout.
  • Alister
Michael Jackson changed a little bit his sound with "Dangerous". This sound was heavier. The only problem I really had was the fact that some of the songs are too long and way too repetitive. The opening song "Jam" is a good beat with good vocals but the song doesn't change its direction much. It is still a good opening song. "Why You Wanna Trip on Me" suffers from the same problems but it is still very catchy."In the Closet" is perhaps my favorite song of the album. It is one of my TOP 3 Michael Jackson songs of all-time with "Wanna Be Startin'' Somethin'" and "Earth Song". The vocals are some of Michael's best ones. The melody is fabulous and it gives diversity. "She Drives My Wild" is actually a very nice song. I love again his vocals!"Remember the Time" is one of my TOP 4 songs of this album. I think this song gives some tenderness we needed here. "Can't Let Her Get Away" is my least favorite song on the other hand. The end is super-repetitive and I am very happy when the next song "Heal the World" starts, it is another TOP 4 best songs of this album in my opinion. I love the choir and the message of this song. The melody is absolutely amazing."Black Or White" used to be one of my favorite music videos and songs when I was a teenager. It still rocks and the message is perfect. One of those TOP 4 songs of this album for sure! Michael is trying to give an anti-racist message and in a very effective way."Who Is It" and "Give In to Me" are good songs. They are not even too long IMO. They fit perfectly here."Will You Be There" is a song I somehow love and somehow dislike. The song structure is great. The vocals are great. The melody is very good. It gives something else for the album. The only problem is the length. Some parts are too long. It makes me wanna skip this song."Keep the Faith" is a nice song. It is not one of the best ones but it isn't bad in any way. "Gone Too Soon" is very emotional. I love the vocals. I love the melody but it is still not among the best songs of this album. "Dangerous" sounds like a part 2 of "Jam" with some elements. The beat is almost similar. It is also too long and quite repetitive IMO.I say this is a very good album. It is my favorite Michael Jackson album. It is underrated.I guess most people are bothered by length and the heavy sound and the fact that it isn't the new "Thriller". Also the repetitive songs may cause people disliking it but it is only a problem in a couple of songs.
  • Lli
Michael Jackson's last great album, one that I actually hold in higher regard than Bad. This is more along the lines of the stylistic ambition and growth that should have followed Thriller.
  • Welahza
Songs like In The Closet, Remember The Time, Jam, She Drives Me Wild, and Can't Let Her Get Away aren't produced by Jimmy Jam or any of J Jackson's producers. This album was produced by Teddy Riley and Jackson. This is a much more personal and deeper album without getting into the absolute furor of History and it has many different sounds. This is MJ's best album to me without a doubt.It has themes relating to heartbreak, betrayal, lust and sexual desire, loneliness and isolation, inner peace and self-reflection, world peace, social issues ranging from drug addiction, diseases, and police brutality, motivational/spiritual and uplifting themes, loss of a loved one, racial equality, and the Dirty Diana-esque themes of the seductress. The first half of the album is much more than new jack swing. It is a fusion of new jack swing, funk, and soul. The album encompasses many styles including soul, R'B, new jack swing, funk, gospel, orchestral pop, industrial, hard/dance rock, rap and hip-hop. Just a great album.Highlights- In The Closet, Black or White, Who Is It, Give In To Me, Will You Be There, Keep The Faith, Remember The Time, Jam, Can't Let Her Get Away, and She Drives Me Wild.
  • Malalrajas
King of Pop is King of Pop, its simple... Love this album, better than Bad in my opinion.Favourite: Jam, Black or White, Who Is It, Remember The Time, In The Closet... I could continue :D
  • ZEr0
Not essential. The first half consists of tired reworks of Rhythm Nation, and the second half is a mess. It does contain some great songs, namely Black or White, but also some truly awful ones, like Heal the World, the problem is that Jackson's music used to be fun, bouncy, light and infectious. This comes from the other end of continuum, it's harsh, mechanical, dead serious and joyless. It stands as a celebration of a beat over melody and bombastic production over any natural charm. Finally it runs so long it's difficult to sit through the album in one listen.
  • Joony
Another classic if often overlooked album from the King of Pop! It is split into two separate parts with the more urban new jack swing style being upfront and the ballads and anthems towards the end, excluding the title track. This album is highly underrated and is one of the best albums of the early 90's. The mastering along with vocal precision is razor sharp and represents Michael at the peak of his career before it all came crashing down. In hindsight, one can learn about the demons he faced on a daily basis and how he used song and dance to bring attention to issues still going on in our world that few cared to mention in the world of pop. While I do think the album runs a little long, each song is top notch and highly memorable!
  • Buridora
Not a bad album but drags on for too long.After the first four initial mediocre tracks come finally some good moments.The production is very different from the previous album and gone are typical keyboard sounds, brass section and distinct arragements. Instead of them, we have updated early 90's rhythm patterns and more focus on melody rather than the rest.I can't help thinking that this album was brought a bit hastily to the market without the attention to detail which characterized the previous 3 albums.Still a pretty decent album but its length should have been limited to 40-45 minutes of really good song.
  • Cells
You'd have to have been a victim of music industry hype to get excited about this album. Michael Jackson releases in the 80's had been major youth entertainment events, like Pixar, the Beatles or Star Wars; anything less than great would be seen as a let down, and this album is mostly quite average.Jackson's main problem is that the behind-the-scenes production talent of Quincy Jones has been replaced by a radio-hit-of-the-day New Jack Swing producer that favours cold midi drums, minimalist keyboard riffs and vocals so shiny and inaudible as to belong somewhere in the netherworld of FM dance stations.Lastly, Jackson himself didn't quite push hard enough for an outstanding performance. His robotic, Bob Fosse inspired dance routines didn't feature strongly in the videos, and it's possible the singers dependence on prescription painkillers had effected his quality of life somewhat. Outstanding tracks include "Black or White", and possibly "Jam", a sharp R&B/funk track that probably belongs on a Janet Jackson record.
  • grand star
Tavan25 1/24/16I love this album! Dangerous continues Michael's success as the King Of Pop! R.I.P. Michael! The songs are fun and enjoyable!